On August 3, 2022, Canada invited 2,000 candidates to apply for permanent residence in the latest Express Entry draw.


Express Entry is one of the most common ways to immigrate to Canada for qualified newcomers.

Express Entry is an immigration system created by IRCC to deal with Canadian PR applicants who want to work in Canada. This system allows applicants to apply for one of four categories, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), or the Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs). Each drawing is held separately for one of these categories, selecting qualified candidates from the Express Entry pool!

The CRS score for the latest Express Entry draws for all programs was 533 points. Only 9 points less than the last draw, so the CRS score has started to decrease over the last three draws.

The number of people selected in the draw is also still insignificant. But, mirroring the decline in the CRS score, the number of invitations increased slightly in each draw. Compared to the previous Express Entry selection #227, 250 (ITA) more candidates were invited to this draw.

A total of 5,250 candidates were invited across all program selections in 2022. The total number of candidates invited in 2022 is 16,039. New applications submitted within this sample will be processed within six months. The tie-breaking rule, introduced on January 6, 2022, will also be considered.

Due to the pandemic, international students studying in Canada were forced to complete their studies online.

IRCC recently announced that academic credentials for students who completed online Canadian degree programs between March 2020 and August 2022 will now be able to use these credentials as part of their overall CRS score. This means that students could use online education as part of their education credentials when uploading their online Express Entry profile.

Generally, Express Entry draws are held every two weeks on Wednesdays.

Due to COVID-19, Canada is selecting CEC and Express Entry candidates with provincial nominations through a program-specific Express Entry draw. Because of this, Canada only gives priority to applicants who are currently in Canada.

According to CIC News, Canada plans to admit 55,900 permanent residents through Express Entry in 2022, and that number will increase dramatically to 111,500 by the end of 2024.

The next Express Entry draw #229 is expected to take place on August 17, 2022.

Nowadays, we can see a record number of applicants in the Express Entry pool.

Last month, between the July 6 and July 20 draws, the pool grew by about 13,000 candidates, from 226,000 to 239,000.

The record number of candidates entering and remaining in the Express Entry pool is observable for several reasons. First, it shows that Express Entry remains an extremely popular option for those interested in immigrating to Canada. Second, it shows that the demand for express entry far exceeds the number of slots available—and potential immigrants should take this into account when making their immigration plans.

Several factors affect the CRS cut-off for each Express Entry draw. One important factor is the number of competitive candidates entering the Express Entry pool between draws. This number has been high in recent weeks. Before the pandemic, a CRS score of 470 was considered highly competitive for Express Entry. There are currently many thousands of candidates with scores above 470 in the pool.

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It is significant to put all the points you’re eligible for into the Express Entry CRS Calculator in order to see the correct CRS score for you. Probably you need to gain more work experience, retake your language test or get a Canadian job offer.

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