Letters of Intent

The Enforceability of Letters of Intent Before selling or purchasing a business, you may want to consider writing a letter of intent first.  A letter of intent “is a document usually signed by the parties early on that, in essence, demonstrates that each side is serious about the transaction.”[1]  Basically, it is an opportunity for[…]

Consumer Protection II

Consumer Protection: Rescinding an Agreement Recently, we discussed false, misleading, and deceptive representations in the context of the Consumer Protection Act.  And so we might ask: to what am I entitled if I am the victim of such an unfair practice? Looking at both the legislation and a real life example will help us answer[…]

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection: Deceptive Representations Section 14 (1) of Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act states that it is an unfair practice for a person to make a false, misleading or deceptive representation.  In this first post on consumer protection, I want to take a look at two particular examples of misrepresentation.  At the outset, we should keep[…]

What is a Retainer?

When you hire a lawyer, he or she is likely going to ask for a retainer. Today’s blog explains how the retainer system works. Think of the retainer as a deposit held by the lawyer. The retainer will be made “in trust” and deposited into a designated trust account as mandated by the Law Society.[…]